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What App Can I Debate With Strangers Online?

What app can I debate with strangers online

YaHeard is an online app that allows you to debate strangers. This app was inspired by ESPN’s debate show, “First Take,” and was created to build off the idea that many people tune in for entertainment purposes. The topics range from politics to TV show opinions. You can even challenge your friends to debate and win prizes. There are no limits to the topics debaters can discuss, and you can even invite friends to join in the fun.


If you’ve ever been curious about the ramifications of racism and police brutality, you might want to try YaHeard. The app lets you debate with strangers online in forums where both sides have their say on the topic. You can even vote on which side of the argument is more compelling. In the process, you can make new friends and share your thoughts with the rest of the world.

Internet arguments can be complicated, unlike in real life. It is not the goal to persuade another person to reconsider their position. They’re often merely trying to correct the other person’s narrative or right a perceived wrong for a silent audience – which may be as large as the world itself or as small as a single person. Online debates can also be performances that are aimed at an audience with similar interests. These online communities allow like-minded people to bond and gather.


Mixmind Chat app is great for engaging in lively discussions online or simply to talk about a topic with someone you don’t know. This app is designed to bring people together who have opposing views in order to promote civil debate. You can also structure and earn points to become moderator.

You can ask questions and make provocative comments on the app once you have decided to adopt a position. Once you’ve posted your position, another user can respond by posting a video stating their side of the story. The other user can then respond by posting a video and you will be able see their argument. You can also rate them according to what they have to say. While the debate is completely free, it’s important to remember that Mixmind is not a forum for defamation, unlawful or abusive messages.