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In case you’re wondering what’s the difference between Bitcoin Cash, let’s start with the difference between these two currencies. They both function through a distributed network, but the main differences are the costs associated with the transaction and the speed of data transfer. Bitcoin Cash isn’t as trusted by consumers as its bigger cousin. As a result, many people don’t know which to use.

For one, Bitcoin Cash uses the Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP), a technology that enables developers to create their own tokens. SLP allows you to distinguish between non-fungible and fungible tokens. These features cannot be used widely in Ethereum or other blockchains. Bitcoin Cash has lower transaction fees that Bitcoin Cash. Each transaction fee is about 0.5 cents compared to $2.07 for a Bitcoin transaction.

Bitcoin Cash has another important difference: Bitcoin Cash can be used by anyone. Bitcoin Cash is not owned by anyone, and transactions are anonymous. The transactions can be used anonymously, which allows for freedom. Blockchain is an open public global ledger that is regularly updated. It is stored by a network of nodes, which ensures the longevity of the information.

Although both currencies are highly sought after, Bitcoin has a much larger market cap and a cult-like following. It is also the first coin anyone hears about, and is incredibly popular. Bitcoin is more expensive than Bitcoin Cash and presents more scaling issues. Both coins are very popular and your choice of coin will depend on where you plan to invest your money.