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Now, one year has passed since the famous “hard fork”, which split Bitcoin Cash into Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash, an immense software update which forked the original Bitcoin network and allows miners to create their own future. Bitcoin is a digital currency meant for transaction, not as a store of value. Bitcoin transactions can take hours and have a high transaction fee.

As Bitcoin’s price has been climbing, so has the value of Bitcoin Cash. The two currencies share many similarities but have very different purposes. Bitcoin Cash is cheaper and accepted by merchants. Bitcoin Cash can also be purchased on PayPal. It represents a new way to move value. And while both Bitcoin Cash have their advantages, it can’t fully replace Bitcoin. Why is Bitcoin Cash becoming so popular?

The main difference between the currencies is their speed of transaction. Bitcoin cash is better for near-instant transactions, as it costs less to send and receive money. It hasn’t seen wide adoption due to the recent platform changes, and the abundance of blocks space. Many people are still unsure whether Bitcoin cash is better in the long-term. Bitcoin cash can be a great option if you’re looking to buy something.